premium GPS Tracking & Fleet
management in the Philippines

In the past, GPS tracking was very expensive technology that was used in
vehicles primarily for security driven purposes.

Technical handling was very inconvenient, with hardware and software requiring installation and maintenance, while functionality and reliability remained limited.

philtrack, first launched in 2008, is a pioneer in web based GPS vehicle tracking in the

Philippines. Built on German technology, philtrack offers 'one stop' service plans and

convenient access from any place with any computer that has an internet connection. philtrack has

established a wide client base, ranging from delivery and distribution trucks, to axis and service vehicles, to

owners of private vehicle fleets.

Since then, philtrack has grown to become not only an easy-to-use

GPS Tracking solution, but has grown into a complete fleet

management system, allowing owners of vehicle fleets to track their

vehicles in near-real time. this enchances security and fleet efficiency

which leads to substantial savings.

Lower cost, ease of access, and extended fleet management

functions changed the paradigm of security driven applications to

bottom-line coss savers for virtually every commercially used vehicle.

The GPS traking devices used for philtrack services are

designed for vehicle tracking

and not just universal GPS trackers, which often show

limitations in reception of GPS signals. All equipment is

NTC type approved.

philtrack is also so far the only provider capable of

transmitting data from the vehicle to our servers

through a secured private network(IPVPN).

To evaluate how philtrack can help make your fleet more

efficient and secure, please us for a free assessment.


  1. Monitoring our vehicles in real time detects unnecessary idling and has reduced overtime expenses.

  2. When the driver became aware that they are being tracked, accidents dropped significantly.

  3. Reports are a great help to prove disciplinary cases for diverted trips.

  4. Speeding alerts helped to discipline drivers on spot.

  5. With real time SOS alerts, we can take swift action for a hijacked truck and immediately recover vehicle and goods.

  6. We could easily locate an abandoned vehicle to get it back into operation, minimizing cost and down time.

  7. I was able to detec excessive idling with a running engine with one of my drivers, which caused high fuel consumption.

  8. Our provincial customers appreciate SMS notifications of approaching deliveries very much.

  9. Third party track took out a lot of work load for phone inquiries about deliveries since our clients can check it themselves online any time.

  10. The 2 way communication system eliminated costly and geographically limited radios.

  11. Built in 2 way communication eliminated the use of cellphones, which were often lost or unreachable due to not being charged by drivers.

  12. Automated maintenance reminders saved on manual check up of records or odometer.

  13. With fuel intake records, we not only have better overview of these expenses, but the mileage report can show us, with actual mileage per liter, how efficient a vehicle is operating.

  14. Keeping all cost visible for checkup online, management could spot check and detect room for improvement.

  15. Keeping driver records that can have manual entries but also automatically records offenses, such as speeding, greatly helps human resources in training and disciplinary cases.

  16. The easily customizable map with arrival and departure reports could reduce turn around times significantly.

In case your needs are more basic, you may look at our sister

solution easytrack, which is built on the same proven reliable

technology but includes less features to cater to the needs of

an affordable but reliable basic GPS tracking.


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